Make an Appointment

New Patient Visit: 

Please set aside  2 hours for this visit. During this first visit, we will go over your detailed health history. You will then receive acupuncture treatment. We will discuss herbs, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and give you a treatment plan to help you on the road towards optimal health.

Please download these forms and bring them to your first appointment with us. Filling them out at home gives you a chance to be more thoughtful as you answer the questions, and will allow more time for us to discuss your health concerns together. If you are unable to download these, then please arrive 15 minutes early to fill them out.

Follow Up Acupuncture Visit:

These appointments are one hour and include an acupuncture treatment and preventative care.

To make an appointment, feel free to below or call us at (510) 999-6488.

Make an Online Appointment

24 Hour Cancellation Fee:

If you have to cancel your appointment, please give us 24 hour advance notice. The fee for late cancellations or missed appointments is the full price of the visit. If we are billing your insurance, you are responsible for the cash rate of the appointment under this policy.


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